We recommend handwashing your cashmere knitwear using the following guidelines:

1) Turn the garment inside-out
2) Using a ‘luxury fibre’ detergent, usually sold as specially formulated for wool and silk, soak the garment in lukewarm water (35C) for 5 minutes. Move the suds gently through the fabric – do not stretch, wring or rub the garment.
3) Rinse the garment gently with lukewarm water.
4) Gently squeeze the excess water from the garment. Do not try to lift a heavily-saturated garment, as this may cause stretching – leave it to drain first.
5) A short spin in a washing machine is recommended to remove the remaining excess water.
6) Gently reshape the garment and place it flat on a towel to dry naturally, away from radiators or direct sunlight.
7) When the garment is dry, press it lightly with a 2 dot iron. The steam setting may be used.

Dry Cleaning

For stubborn stains which cannot be removed by handwashing, dry cleaning may be the best option. It is also recommended for woven cashmere or loosely knitted structures which may be distorted by handwashing. Please check the label to see if the garment must be dry cleaned.


The fine nature of the best cashmere fibres will lead inevitably to the formation of pills or bobbles on new garments in the areas where friction occurs.
We recommend that these pills are removed before washing using a cashmere comb – stroke it gently over the affected areas to remove the pills, and then handwash as recommended.
After a few washes, the pills will cease to form.


Moths are cashmere’s enemy, and need to be repelled from the garment, especially during storage. Mothproofing chemicals can be dangerous to humans as well as to moths, and your cashmere garment will not have been given this treatment. Traditional mothballs, while effective, have an unpleasant odour. We recommend placing a natural repellent such as cedarwood balls in the wardrobe or drawer where the garment is stored. Cedarwood balls have a pleasant fragrance and are effective in repelling moths. Also, moths can be attracted to stains, and we recommend washing the garment before a period of storage.