Today is a special day as we are supporting our good friend Tracey and her wonderful boys who have together with Kings St. Albans recorded Mr Blue Sky.

The song has been recorded in memory of their father and husband Nigel Collinson who was diagnosed with oesophageal cancer in September 2013, and died 12 weeks later – just two days after his 45th birthday.

His youngest son Charlie, seven, came up with the idea of recording the track as it was a family anthem and one of his father’s favourites. The family are hoping the project will raise a significant sum for Cancer Research UK.

The disc will be on sale for £5, with all proceeds going directly to Cancer Research and we are very privileged to be one of the stockists, where you can come and buy it! A great present for all the fathers out there!

Inspired by the title here are some blue sky fashions!

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