Stripes – the timeless fashion constant- they can make you taller or shorter, give curves or hide curves – a magic wand for every wardrobe.

No wonder then that stripes are used by designers across so many trends – Parisian chic, classic elegance, bohemian, military, sporty, preppy, rebel, country…

Select the stripe, the cut, the accessories and live the look.

Thin stripe

image2Black and white linen long sleeve Breton inspired top also available as a vest top for sunnier days.

Chunky stripe

image3Wide stripes accentuate hourglass figures. The palest ice blue and clotted creams look great with jeans.

Dramatic stripe

image4black and white dress perfect for holidays too!

Knitted stripe

image1White …so easy it can be worn with everything!

Ultimate Classic stripe

image2It’s the nautical look that we all love! Navy and white with a touch of red…unstructured jackets, loose tops and summery tshirts!

Mini stripe


Cotton silver grey seersucker in a subtle stripe

Colour block stripe


Slabs of tomato red, bitter chocolate, stone and cream give a stunning colour combination

Animal stripe

image5Release the animal in you! perfect with black cropped trousers

Detailed stripe

9Add a point of difference, this dress combines a plain dress with an interesting striped hem ..Italians do it so well!