This season I’m very proud to present a really wonderful collection of exclusive brands that are, as ever, wearable and comfortable, but are always combined with a modern edge. The collection from Oui remains an important part of the boutiques identity,  stylish knits from Charli add the easy-luxe separates.


Quirky designs from Sarah Pacini ensure the art of individuality is not lost and the cosiest cashmeres from Cocoa add the all important relaxed harmony

We love the comfort of the Michele Magic Jeans, the adaptability (and no need to iron!) of the Just White shirts, they are perfect partners in making a pair of jeans a little dressier!

I am obsessed with neon- I must be reliving my 80’s youth with cashmeres in bright acids, hot pinks and juicy oranges! Let’s be bold and confident this Autumn…let the colour in!

image (7)

Pure silver greys and alabaster pinks create a soft and sensual palette. Combined with jeans they are the perfect shades to add some cosy glamour to your lifestyle.

image (5)

At last we have rich seductive browns to bring a strong sophistication to the collection. Although working well with black, brown is far more mellow and soothing in its mocha shades

image (4)

The down to earth tones of navy and midnight are taken into the evenings offering a new level of femininity and an escape from black!

Zips offer a functional and ornamental role on knitwear and their playful additions frequently offer style with a smile! The collections are also dominated by a mix of animal prints, camel tones, furs and leathers …it’s a jungle out there!

Helen Moore’s incredible fur accessories continue to wow. They enable us all to get through the Winter fashionably and warm! Isn’t it time you started faking it?


There is always an opportunity to sparkle whether it be a lbd, a lurex knit or a perfect piece of jewellery…sometimes subtle is not allowed!

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